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Hailing from Toronto (Canada), Cauldron has signed with The End Records to release their long-awaited fourth studio album, In Ruin. For the new album the trio returned to the Lincoln County Social Club recording studio in Toronto, where they recorded two of their previous albums, including Burning Fortune (2011) and Tomorrow’s Lost (2012). Co-produced by Chris Stringer (Rush, Timber Timbre), In Ruin, scheduled for an early 2016 release, is sure to deliver more riffs, more attitude and more modern heavy metal classics while laying waste to all of the genre’s imitators. “We are quite pumped to finally see our new album release plans come to light and are quite excited about our new endeavor with The End Records. We were very proud of our last record Tomorrow’s Lost, so we had to take our time and make sure to top it with a proper follow up. I am confident we’ve accomplished that.” – Jason Decay, Cauldron


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